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Digital Marketing Course

As you know, the growth in technology day by day has to go to its peak level. Therefore, marketing for business growth is a very big concern. But, if you think online media help to achieve our set goal for the future. If yes, then you are reading the right post. with the help of this post, I can easily explain to you that I am going to start my online course “Digital Marketing 2021” for your better career and business growth.

digital marketing course

In my complete digital marketing 2021 course, I am going to cover all the necessary points related to the trending demand for marketing? Therefore, with the use of digital media like search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). Similarly, Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Reddit, and Pinterest. In addition, here are the latest 21 modules for my new digital marketing training course:

Digital Marketing 2021

✅01. Introduction to Digital Marketing. (Including brief history and Ads Type)

✅02. Blogging (WordPress Tool and Google Blog )

✅03. WordPress Web Development (Most popular Tool Worldwide for blog and website development and Marketing)
✅04. Search Engine Optimization (SEO Basics to Advanced level)
✅05. Local SEO (Google My Business)
✅06. Search Engine Marketing (Google)
✅07. Social Media Optimization (SMO) Includes Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
✅08. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Includes Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
✅09. Google Webmaster Tool (For website and Blog Submission and Analyzing their performance)
✅10. Video Advertising and Promotions (YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram)
✅11. Google Adwords (Advertising Agency by Google) and Adsense Tool (For Make money online by website or blog approval)
✅12. Google Analytics for use for checking website performance, user visitors, conversions, ROI (Return on Investment).
✅13. Sales Funnel (How to sales your products, course, and services via Facebook)
✅14. Affiliate Marketing (How to make money online by using different networks National + International
✅15. Pay Per Click (PPC Advertising for Google)
✅16. Content Writing Tips (Article, Press release, Directory Submission, and Forum. In addition, the marketing strategy for Blue badge Verification or verified profile
✅17. Mobile Marketing (Making of Responsive Design)
✅18. Email Marketing (Manual + Automation)
✅19. SMS Marketing (Promotional + Transactional)
✅20. In addition, Introduction to Machine learning (Trending term nowadays)
✅21. In addition, Introduction to Blockchain Technology. The future of Technology for digital currency transaction Forex: Cryptocurrency.
Above all. for more details, kindly contact at:9996018540. In addition, you need to contact by visiting the website directly to Rajeev Anand, do visit his contact page. However, you can learn more about Digital Marketing. let me brief 
In conclusion, Digital Marketing is the best core concept for your future. 

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