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Top 50 tips for Content Marketing Professional in World

Would you like to know content writing? Nowadays every content marketers need to write better content for his or her website and blog. Why, because, every content marketing maven needs massive volumes of traffic to his or her Blog. Here we are providing High Grade 50 tips for Content Marketers for posting, writing and submitting their content to different zones of the Internet for gaining traffic.

High Grade 50 tips for Content Marketers

01. Automate
02. Forums  Submissions 
03. Basic SEO (Search engine Optimization)
04. Advanced SEO
05. Start Partnerships
06. Listing Sites
07. Guest Posting
08. Use Slide-share
09. Create a list Post
10. Cold E-mail Influencers
11. Run a Webinar
12. Help a reporter out
13. Give stuff away for free
14. Get guest on your Blog
15. Create a Udemy course
16. Write a Press Release
17. Be controversial
18. Auto follow on Twitter
19. Daily social media share
20. Improve your titles
21. Start a Podcast
22. Interact with influencers
23. Post content to forums
24. Create news Updates or OTR
25. Comment on some blogs.
26. Create an Infographic
27. Respond on Quora Instantly
28. Join Triberr
29. Go viral on hacker news
30. Send a mention tweet
31. Do something funny
32. Draw something Unique
33. Create an email course
34. Syndicate your social updates
35. Post to Social media groups
36. Paid Discovery
37. Set up Twilert
38. Join a comment tribe
39. Write a book
40. Improve Readability
41. Jack the news
42. Meet someone in person
43. Cross promote your content
44. Create some deep content
45. Deep link to other blogs.
46. Post to Reddit
47. Nominate for an award
48. Create landing pages
49. Email Newsletters
50. Present old content in a new way

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