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Importance of Search Engine Optimization in today’s World

If you want to promote your website and blog with the genuine strategy, then put one thing in your mind well, that with the use of any kind of black technique can not be promoted or marketing. Lots of people in this digital era called themselves digital marketing experts who will tell you that we will bring your website or blog very quickly to Google’s top position i.e. first-page foot. But the truth is that it does not happen. For better web promotion White Hat SEO are the only way with the right and a clear strategy. To learn about SEO is how much is necessary to promote and online earn from a website or blog.

SEO is how much is necessary to promote and online earn from a website or blog

To SEO, it is important to know its types first. There are 2 types of real SEO white hat and black hat. In this post, I will tell you about the White Hat SEO strategy. Firstly on-page or on-site SEO is done, for this, we have to take care of many rules and regulations so that the content of the website gains a higher rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and BING.

01. The page is up to a minimum of 300 words.
02. Each page should be interlinked with other pages or posts on the website or blog.
03. The post must also have an external link.
04. Focus keyword for each and every page is a must.
05. The single main heading tag is always there
06. At least one subheading tag is in the post or pages.
07. Image with their alt tag is a must to achieve a better SEO of Page and Post both.

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