How to generate leads with using PPC Advertising for Business marketing

First of all, what are PPC concepts?
How PPC works
How I used PPC concepts for my blog/website.
Where I get the training for PPC

In my Digital training activities, I will tell you about firstly what is paid advertising. How to set-up the Programming and Direct Ads for lead generation for your business. Introduction to Search and display ads. Tell complete about Google ad-words Search (PPC) Advertising. How to set-up a campaign to generate traffic to your blog and website. How to engage with more customers with your single campaign. What is PPC (Pay per Click)? How PPC different from SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?, understanding business advertising goals, Unlock the mystery of PPC account creation, Search campaign best practices to leads up.

Best training for PPC Advertising

Here are few questions relates to PPC (PAY PER CLICK) advertising