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the world’s first Make in India cryptocurrency which contains 11 trading tools. Big Bull Technosoft LLP has become the first cryptocurrency that is headquartered in India. It is currently available for purchase from Trust Wallet via Binance Smart Chain as part of an ICO. Big Bull: First Ever Make In India Crypto

Big Bull Technosoft LLP Crypto: All You Need To Know

  1. The Public Sale initiation or launch was done by Marketing Maven and actor Suhel Seth. The ICO of Big Bull was unveiled at the Leela in Chanakyapuri.  (Big Bull: First Ever Make In India Crypto)
  2. It is the first-ever Make In India crypto.
  3. It has 11 trading tools that would be launched after ICO is launched. The crypto is in the BSC blockchain and is economical for purchases as it has a low transaction fee.
  4. It can be purchased under ICI Trust Wallet through Big Bull Binance Smart Chain.
  5. Big Bull is launched at Rs 1 for the first time.
  6. For every 100000 cryptos sold under ICO, its price would be increased by Rs 0.075 ($0.001)
  7. Big Bull would be listed on some major exchanges.

Ravindra Potdar said, ” My team and I are very excited to launch the first-ever made in India crypto. We aim to make crypto available for purchase at affordable rates. So, that any buyer can buy it.

Its transaction range is between Rs 1 to Rs 10,00,000. We are launching a public ICO at a starting price of Rs.1 per token and will soon bring many more trading tools to make it user-friendly and user-friendly.”

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is decentralized digital money that is based on blockchain technology. One may be familiar with the most popular versions that include Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are, however, more than 5000 various cryptocurrencies in circulation as per reports.

A cryptocurrency’s mode of exchange is digital, encrypted, and decentralized. There is however no central authority to manage or control the value of the cryptocurrency. This is where the major issue of authentication arises. Moreover, a monopoly of the currency can be created and shortage can also be created.

Bitcoin was initiated by Nakamoto in the 2008 paper, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” He described the project as an electronic system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust. The proof can be verified in form of blockchain.


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