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Another Cryptocurrency created a ruckus, making Rs.1000 crore in 24 hours to Rs.28.54 crore

Sharp fluctuations within a few hours are now common in any cryptocurrency. Such phenomena occurring in cryptocurrencies no longer surprise investors. Because people have now seen many such tokens that suddenly showed a lot of bullishness or whose value fell by 99.99 percent. Some examples of such tokens are Shiba Inu, Cocoswap and Ethereum Meta, etc. But the gains in these coins were limited to thousands of percent only. However, ARC Governance (ARCX) has gained millions of percent. Yes, this is the coin, which converted an investment of Rs 1000 into Rs 28.54 crore in 24 hours.

Values ​​that fell later

ARCX has gained millions of percent in a matter of minutes. The token is up 28,54,000 percent in the last 24 hours. According to data from, the price of this token has increased from just $0.35 to $991.71 in 24 hours. But later its value also declined drastically. This is another example of minute fluctuations in cryptocurrencies.

90 percent reduced value

Based on a 28,54,000 percent return, this crypto converted an investment of Rs 1,000 into Rs 28.54 crore in a short time. However, the token dropped more than 90 percent of its value. It later gained 2,60,000 percent despite losses of up to 90 percent. At its all-time high, ACRX had a market cap of $99 billion. Its volumes grew nearly 2,000 percent to 2,27,500 during this period.

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How Much Supply

The supply of this token is limited to 100,000,000 and the total supply is 15,393,262. At present, there is no idea about how many tokens in circulation. Experts say that ARCX looks like a good coin on paper, but the trading volume on the exchange SushiSwap is low, accounting for 90 percent of its volume. It is seeing some trades every hour.

Be Buyer Alert

Experts say that it is quite possible that someone has manipulated the order book by buying these tokens at too high a price, and this is now reflecting on the 24-hour profit. Other analysts don’t think ARC Governance prices will sustain at current prices. Thus increasing the suspicion of a scam. So be careful about such tokens before buying. There is a possibility of further volatility in this.

Operating on the Ethereum Platform (Cryptocurrency created a ruckus)

ARCX is a token operating on the Ethereum platform. This project came in the middle of 2021. The core function of the token is to be a governance mechanism for the ARCX protocol. It currently allows token holders to vote on expenditures from the Treasury. In the future, ARCX token holders will be able to vote to receive cash flows generated from the network. Also, they will be able to participate in native on-chain governance to upgrade the protocol. Keep in mind that some experts are looking at it from the point of view of scams.

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