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12 key on page seo factors that search engines and users love

01. Leverage seo friendly permalink url’s
1.1 permalink plays an vital role in development of website pages or blog post.

02. Goal start title with keyword
2.2 Start your website or blog with relevant and suitable keyword for your services.

03. Dazzle with multimedia

04. Use outbound links.

05. Drop keywords in first 100 words

06. Wrap your website, blog, page, Post title in h1 tag

07. Nail loading speed
7.1 Always select best web hosting service provider for your website or blog.

08. Add modifiers to your titles

09. Use social sharing buttons
9.1 Specially use Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Youtube (Video purpose), Instagram.

10. Post long content
10.1 Always use long lines for creating many keywords for specifying your services.

11. Slash Bounce rate

12. Sprinkle LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords

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