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Top 5 SEO Tips for every Search Engine Optimizer.

01. Keyword in Domain Name.
1.1 for ex.(

02. keyword in Post URL
2.1 When you post something to social media, Blog or website. It contains keywords of your choice.
2.2 Make sure when you select keyword check its search volume and density.

03. Title Tag, Heading Tag and Body Tag
3.1 Use at-least one keyword in title tag, heading and meta description.
3.2 Don’t use too many keywords in body.
3.3 You can also use keyword in subheadings.

04. Optimise Images
4.1 Add Alt tag, Caption Tag in all of your images and make sure to optimise the size of an image.

05. Interlinking
5.1 Interlinking all your related post, make sure your link contains keywords, if you are linking
to other website, always make sure that site you are linking to is a reputed site, don’t link
your site to any spam site.

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