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How to increase views and subscribers on YouTube Organically

YouTube is only the one vital broadcast media to perform and stylized your thoughts and ideas to capture the whole internet market with a virtual presence. And I am here sharing this grasping post about YouTube sensational marketing efforts by most famous personalities on YouTube channel. So, ready guys to unlock the mystery of YouTube video marketing 2018.

Unlock the mystery of YouTube video marketing

How to upload videos on YouTube

The first and the craziest query on the internet nowadays, how to upload videos on YouTube or write out the best way to upload a video on YouTube. So, here I am going to tell you about how we upload videos to our YouTube channel. You have to make sure that you have a Gmail account before uploading your video on YouTube. when you open your Gmail account, on the right top corner you have some few icons on google apps–> click on YouTube icon and start creating your YouTube channel first.

How to upload videos on YouTube
How to upload videos on YouTube

Start ON-page optimization of YouTube videos

Start your video on page optimization with setting up raw file name name (original file name of video), Title of your video follow exactly same words using in your video, set-up video tags make sure that all the tags are verbally in your video file, write pinstripe video description in the given description corner of your video includes social and web links of your profile and Business, insert custom thumbnail with the exact recommend size in video, sharing of your video on Google plus and Twitter to make sure that using of hashtags while sharing your video to social media.

How to add End screen and annotations to videos

When video upload finished, start editing your video to video editor and insert End screen and annotations make sure that one of the annotations is channel subscription link, because it increases engagement of people and also subscribers to your channel and rest of 3 annotations are using for your other video which actually tells about your channel specifications and increase courtesy of people.

How to add End screen and annotations to videos
How to add End screen and annotations to videos

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How to add cards to videos

Video Cards playing an amazing role in video marketing, we are using 5 cards in a single video to cover up our 5 videos being a multitasking one. We are going to attach 5 cards with customizing time relay in our video to engage the audience with our other YouTube rather than they are watching once. Cards are also in the video editing section of the YouTube channel.

Video about Social Media profile Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube created using adobe after effects

How to add subtitles to video in different languages

Adding to subtitles to video makes your video visibility very high and with an addition closer look to the unknown audience to your YouTube channel and also comes up with gaining lots of subscribers, views, likes, and shares to your channel of video.

Seo of Videos

How we are going to do SEO for our video, is this black hat or white hat SEO technique we used, this one is one the important query to all, so as far this concern, I am going to train you in both the SEO of video, either you have to upload your video on YouTube or Facebook.

How to insert the correct title of your videos

Title length of videos such as according to YouTube terms and policy is up to 100 characters include spaces. you have to write your video title in a suitable manner what exactly your video is all about and make sure that the title of your video is verbally pronounced by yourself in your video.

How to insert relevant tags for your videos

Always insert correct and relevant tags for your video, that words are used by yourself or your team members in your given video. also, make sure that not to use any tags which are not verbally pronounced in your providing video. you can use tags up to 500 characters including spaces in YouTube channel with 8 to words recommended for bets promotions of your video.

How to insert relevant tags for your videos
How to insert relevant tags for your videos

How to insert proper description of your videos

Make sure that people are used irrelevant words of keywords to make their video viral. But actually, in terms of marketing and visibility, it is going to be a negative impact for their video to start listing on YouTube. In video description you are going to write up to 5000 characters including spaces, if you want to use hash (#) tags this will also be good for your video promotions.

How to add Watermark for the branding of YouTube videos

In channel option on YouTube, there is one branding option to insert watermark for the branding of your video. Always use subscribe now pic to brand your video.

These are some useful tips for everyone to start their YouTube channel for the purpose of earn money and reputation over the internet. For more tips follow me on social media profile linked with my website.

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